Many adults have missing teeth.  Dentists have many options to replace missing teeth.  Dental bridges have been used for many years to help patients replace teeth, restore function and beautiful smiles.

A dental bridge is an option for tooth replacement when the missing tooth is between two natural teeth.

A dental bridge involves preparing the adjacent teeth called abutments, using a procedure similar to the preparations made when fabricating a single crown. A custom impression is taken, and temporary crowns are made to wear while the porcelain bridge is made.

The laboratory will fuse a false tooth, called a pontic, between the two abutment crowns to create a bridge to replace the missing tooth.

Porcelain bridges are durable and have the appearance of natural teeth.

Bridges require at least two appointments to complete. Sometimes additional appointments are recommended to ensure proper fitting of the bridge prior to cementation of the dental bridge. As porcelain bridges are bonded to the adjacent natural teeth, they are not removable. Bridges also require precise and meticulous homecare. As well as, in-office care with your dental team to maintain the health of the natural teeth supporting the bridge.

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