If you are considering dentures, you may want to start with a consultation from a local and caring dental team whose focus is to provide high-quality dentures if that is what you need. Dentures are commonly used to replace natural teeth that cannot be restored.

Dentures come in a variety of choices. Removable denture, partial dentures and implant supported dentures area all options available to you to replace your teeth or a broken denture.

The art of creating natural dentures for you takes several steps and a skilled dentist and dental lab.  Starting with a thorough dental exam, including an oral cancer screening, your dentist will take several measurements and impressions to start the denture process.

A conventional denture is designed to replace teeth when all the teeth are missing from an entire arch. Some cases, immediate dentures are created when existing teeth need to be removed and time to heal is necessary for a permanent denture to be created.

Your dentures can even be anchored to implants (implant-retained dentures) to ensure the dentures fit more securely. A complete denture is a full-mouth appliance that replaces your natural teeth and supports your cheeks and lips, restoring form and function to your smile. Implant supported dentures are the best option for patient comfort, restored ability to speak and eat without the denture slipping.

Denture relines are important and needed periodically over the life of your denture. As your body changes and ages, the supporting bone structure also changes. This requires the denture to be relined to keep the denture fitting securely. Some relines are done in the office by your dentist. However, a lab reline is often the best option to maximize fit. This procedure is started in your dentist office in the morning with an impression of the inside of the denture fitting your mouth properly. The lab keeps the denture for the day to custom reline for you. Picking up the denture for the dentist office in the afternoon includes a fitting and adjustments for any high spots.

Broken or lost dentures are a dental emergency for anyone who is without their denture. Your smile and confidence is important to you and it restoring it is important to us. At Cottonwood Smiles, you will be seen as quickly as possible to begin the repair or replacement process for your broken or lost denture.

Missing teeth also cause the muscles in your face to sag, making you appear older. Dentures will support your facial structure, helping you to look younger while retaining the muscle tone in your face, jaw and neck.

Before you know it, you will have the long-lasting smile you’ve dreamed of that will restore not just your smile but restore your confidence. You will worry no more about smiling, eating or speaking. Maintaining good oral hygiene to ensure the dentures last for many years to come is important and regular visits to the dentist are still a must.

A beautiful, functional new smile is only a phone call away. Call now to schedule your dental consult.